The Story…

TrésorParisien a story of discovery, of Parisian style, of what’s happening and where to go in Paris. It’s less about the obvious splendours and more about unveiling the truly unique and often hidden trésors (treasure). It’s a guide but not in the traditional sense, it’s more like a signpost directing you to some of the unique places, people, products and experiences in this beautiful Parisian city.

From the classical cafés, cosy bistros and boutiques of St Germain, to an inspiring style collaboration, or an interview with a dynamic Parisian, TrésorParisien takes readers on a journey of discovery through Paris.

What is TrésorParisien?

TrésorParisien is a bilingual (English & French) digital destination for the cosmopolitan girl 28 + who is interested in Parisian style, culture, lifestyle, beauty and Paris of course! All the content is created and published by the founder from a small Parisian studio on the left-bank of Paris.


TrésorParisien was founded by Aisling Greally. You can meet Aisling and read the story behind TrésorParisien here and follow along the Parisian adventure here

Editorial Policy

All content (design, words, photography, illustrations) are original and created by and for TrésorParisien. The information shared in our posts is strictly editorially independent. This means that each issue is written by TrésorParisien and features things that we love and have curated especially for you. When TrésorParisien collaborates with a brand, person or organisation we will always inform you. We will also inform you if a post is sponsored.

Copyright © Information

All content and photography are copyright to TrésorParisien. Please ask permission and for right of use of photos before use.


Collaborations are carefully selected with people, brands and organisations that share a similar aesthetic and values to the TrésorParisien philosophy. That means we will only work with brands we love! If you would like to chat more about collaborations, projects, advertising on the site or any other query, please use the contact form on the contact page to get in touch.

Advertising on TrésorParisien

To see a presentation of our media kit which includes all information about advertising, please use the contact form on the contact page to get in touch.


We are always on the look out for great ideas to develop our content. If you have an idea on the editorial front or have any queries you can email the editor at editor@tresorparisien.com