Oh My Cream’s Beautiful New Rahua Products

A Thirst Quenching Antidote for my Hair….

After many sleepless nights with my baby daughter, and changeable Parisian weather, my hair (is a mess!) desperately needs a good punch of moisture and some good care. It was as if they were reading my mind (or recently saw my hair!) when an invitation appeared in my inbox to attend a breakfast at Oh My Cream’s stunning new boutique to discover Rahua’s new hydration hair products! Sadly, I was travelling back to Ireland on the date and missed out. Generously, on my return, the team sent me a special delivery to try the products at home!

After just two washes, I can honestly say I am in love with these products and I can already see the results.  All of the ingredients are organic giving me peace of mind as to what goes into my hair. They contain hand-harvested-oils (Rahua, Sachez Inchi and Morete) that give really great results. My locks are definitely feeling better and starting to look healthier already!

But the real wow factor is the scent! The sweet scents of mango and passion fruit leaves my hair smelling amazing for days! The silky texture is rich and luxurious and I love the design and colour of the bottles – they bring a touch of modern chic to my classical (little-old-fashioned) French bathroom! Thank you Oh My Cream and Rahua! 


Notes: Rahua’s new Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner exclusively (avant-premiere) by Oh My Cream,
Book ‘Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe, Dry Flowers by Buly

In collaboration with Oh My Cream

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