Buly’s Grand Café Tortoni

A legendary Parisian Café Re-Awakens in Le Marais!

If stepping into the Buly Boutique, on Rue Bonaparte feels like stepping into a century old French pharmacy, then stepping into Buly’s Grand Café Tortoni feels like stepping into a 1798’s socialite café revisioned for today. This time with its very own organic beauty bar!

Grand Café Tortoni was once a legendary Parisian café, serving great French coffee and ice-cream to the Parisian café society of the time. The legendary café has been given a new life by Victoire De Taillac & Ramdane Touhami in their recently opened Buly Boutique on Rue de Saintonge, Le Marais.

In true Buly style, stocking up on favourite organic beauty treats now has the added luxury of a post-shopping coffee and patisserie pause. Oh and if curiosity takes you, you might stumble upon the secret little flower shop (tucked away) where the lovely Miyoko Yasumoto, (floral designer) spins together the most beautiful bouquets of dried rare flowers imported from Japan. Miyoko, also has one of my favourite floral instagram feeds to follow.

I recently spent a morning chatting with Victoire, sipping coffee, capturing some photos and watching the snow fall outside. It was like stepping into another world! From the classical way the coffee is served to personalised calligraphy on your favourite perfume box, what’s not to love?

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