New York City Ballet at Studio Kinetique

Today I am taking you inside the beautiful Studio Kinetique…

It’s one of my favourite places to work out in Paris. I love the light and the beautiful energy here and I always feel great after a gyrotonic or a pilates class here. The studio was created by my friend Moraima, you may remember the interview I did with her when she first opened the studio. Since then she really has created one of the most beautiful spaces to work out in Paris and she has built the most incredible client base. It’s no surprise – as she has the most enigmatic charisma and everyone close to her remarks ‘I love Moraima’.

Knowing my love of dance and dreams to one day photograph the Paris Opera Ballet Dancers in training she recently invited me to spend a morning at the studio while she was training gyrotonic to the New York City Ballet dancers while they were in Paris! It was such an inspiring moment for me. To see their focus, the movement and their athleticism. A moment I had to share here with you. Here are a few photos from that morning…hope you like A x










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