Bon Anniversaire TrésorParisien


Five years ago sitting in a café in St Germain, I came up with the idea of TrésorParisien. An idea, a place, to share my inspirations, coup de coeur as I explored Paris. There was no great ambition for it, it was a way for me to express my creativity, document my life, and share my inspirations / addresses with friends and family.

It grew slowly, it evolved and it brought great things into my life. From the people I’ve met, the things I’ve learned, the experiences gained and how it’s completely transformed my professional activity. It’s something that’s grown so close to my heart and I’ve loved and lived every minute of it!

TrésorParisien has in essence been the story of my Parisian life and I couldn’t let this milestone go by without marking the occasion here. So here’s to all the great moments and happy five years TrésorParisien!


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