A Sunday In Paris…


I woke early, looked at my clock and thought, `if I leave now, I`ll be on time for first croissants at Gateaux Thoumieux‘! Croissants from Thoumieux are in high demand on a Sunday morning in my neighbourhood…leaving it too late can often lead to dismay and disappointment when you hear the words “Je n’ai plus!”…(wait, no croissants left!…Noooo, ‘c’est pas possible‘….)

This in mind, I headed out into the misty morning rain, the streets were deserted, except for a few like me (heading home in the early hours after dancing all night at Le Baron!), heading to la boulangerie, walking their dogs…It was so atmospheric under the rain, one of those days when Paris looks like a romantic old movie-set…

Successful in my mission, I headed home with my bag of croissants, to put on some music and get the coffee brewing…Later on we headed out for lunch at Lou Lou and then strolled through the Jardins des Tuileries making a dash for tea at Le Meurice to escape the rain! I captured a little video of some of those moments you can see it over on instagram! Not every Sunday is like this Sunday but it was un très bon dimanche!



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