In The Studio With Antoinette Poisson


You may remember my visit to Antoinette Poisson last year – the beautiful Parisian atelier in Bastille founded by Julie Stordiau, Jean Baptiste Martin and Vincent Farelly? The team specialise in creating hand block-printed paper also known as dominos paper: produced by block printing an image onto high quality rag paper or antique fabric and then enhancing it by hand stencilling the colours.

I was so inspired by their work, the warm rustic atmosphere in their studio, their dynamic collaborations and the business they have created. Honestly, you could not meet a nicer team who are so genuinely passionate about what they do. I am convinced this passion translates into their work and their growing success and I’ve been dreaming of having my own dominos prints in my apartment ever since that visit last autumn…

This summer the team invited me back to the studio to custom design my own dominos prints and to capture the whole process from start to finish! (Can you tell I am excited!?) It was a great Parisian moment to see this beautiful ancient art-form come to life. And something I really wanted to share here with you in the hope of giving you a little glimpse into the world of Antoinette Poisson. So here is one great morning (where I invaded the AP studio) chez Antoinette Poisson and a step by step insight into the making of a dominos-print!!





Step one: the engraved matrix is inked with a roller. I chose Papier Dominate no 5 purely for the graphic shapes and I love the bold colours.





After humidification the paper is applied on the inked matrix. This is no ordinary paper, it’s a laid rag paper hand-made in the French paper mill-Moulin du Verger.



The print is revealed by lifting the paper carefully off the matrix. The paper is then put through a fitting and printing mill (behind Jean-Baptiste above) and left to dry.



The custom colours are created by hand also. Below Julie mixes the colours for my prints!





Finally, one by one the colours are stencilled by hand. Below Vincent applying the paint to bring the colours and prints to life!





Et Voilà! The print process is complete, the paper is left to dry and then is ready to be framed. The paper can also be used to cover bespoke objects, small furniture and even entire walls! Everything is hand painted and created in the atelier.  Julie beautifully framed my prints in natural wood and they are now sitting beautifully and comfortably in my apartment…I cannot wait to share the final result with you here soon. Oh and Antoinette Poisson has a gorgeous new pop-up-boutique at Le Bon Marché – definitely worth checking out!


Created in Collaboration with Antoinette Poisson





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