Whispering Angel

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June and July have come and gone in the blink of an eye and we are now in the heart of the Parisian summer. We enjoyed the euphoric celebrations of France reaching the European Cup Final – the windows wide open, we listened to the singing of ‘Allez Les Blues’ all day and night! There were great estivale vibes in the air – it was exactly what Paris needed only to be followed by the heart-breaking news of Nice on the 14th of July…such are these uncertain times. Escaping the city to spend long evenings with friends in Parc St Cloud or just by ourselves in our local garden, sipping endless glasses of rosé…seems to be the best way to go…



I love this time of year for the simplicity of enjoying nice wines, cheeses, and the small things you can pick up locally for a little soirée or picnic without the heavy duty preparation of a big meal in a tiny overheated Parisian kitchen! I love trying out new wines, visiting caves and taking a selection home to try later. My latest find is a beautiful rosé from Château d’Esclans in Provence called ‘The Whispering Angel‘ ! It’s crisp and clean with delicate flavours ! It’s a beautiful pale rosé colour and what a great name!?

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Slightly clichéd as it may sound, I also love pairing and trying different cheeses with wines. The whispering angel goes so well with a basil goat cheese, poppy seed and sea salt, and a lemon and thyme variation from Griffon Fromagerie! Throw in a few crunchy baguettes, chutneys, peaches and cherries – et voilà – a little slice of summer heaven! Griffon also do these wonderful chutneys that are designed to go especially with cheeses, the violet fig chutney is a real treat. They also have these amazing apricot and pistachio crackers which also take it to another level of deliciousness!! So, so, good!

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Those first sips of rosé and the sweet anticipation of endless breezy summer days ahead, bring back the memories of past great picnics and summers in Provence.

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Cheeses from Griffon Fromagerie Paris. Rosé, via Caves Esclans Whispering Angel. Cheese Knives, by Fortnum & Maison Soft Accessories, by Maison De Vacances Picnic illustration by Merrit

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    • Hi Kirsten! This is quite funny as the glasses are recycled dessert glasses. I bought two chocolate mousses from Le Grand Épicerie (in the yoghurt selection) and they came in the glasses! Perfect for picnics!

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