A Summer Morning Chez Rodin

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Each summer I try to visit the garden of the musée Rodin as often as I can. It’s funny (after 6 years of living in Paris), in my mind I now see the Rodin as this enchanting secret garden in the corner of the 7th and not like a museum at all. I guess that’s the magical appeal of Rodin’s house! I find August the perfect time to visit as there are less crowds. I try to get there as early as I can to catch the morning light and to feel I have the garden all to myself (almost)! This year the Rodin casts an even more magical summer spell over the museum with the re-opening of the newly renovated house! I’ve had a couple of beautiful mornings exploring the new house and having a coffee in the garden there this summer! Today I am sharing a few highlights from my Rodin visits and taking you on a little tour inside! On y va!

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Early morning at the Rodin, the big bay windows are open-wide to let the summer breeze blow in…

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Love the gothic feel and the stained-glass windows – the roses are a real style signature of the Rodin. I’m certain they grow more impressive each season…

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Walking around the side of the house, through the little maze gardens and spiked shrubs, love this side view of the house and the sculpture in the distance…

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Inside the house…the beautiful, bay windows are the first thing that catch my attention! I love the view points of the garden from the windows inside the house too!

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The enchanting sculptures who reside chez Rodin! They captivate me!

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Let’s go upstairs!

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Love the light and the colour palette…

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I also love the change of atmosphere to the left-hand side of the house. Look how the light falls catching the colours of the trees outside, it’s pretty unique!

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One of my favourite marble sculptures…

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And that amazing view of the garden from the back of the house!

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Back outside and one final moment with the great thinker himself!

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