Type Hype Paris at Le Bon Marché

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I first discovered TypeHype when I visited Berlin two years ago. TypeHype is a beautiful design concept store located on Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße in Berlin-Mitte, that specialises in designer products featuring the letters of the alphabet and custom unique pieces spelling out a complete word!

The boutique is strikingly unique, with industrial lighting and a beautiful coffee bar that sits in the heart of the store, where you can sit and have creamy lattés (coffee by specialist coffee roasters in Berlin) and small tasty dishes and cakes. I loved the gallery like feel and the beautiful presentation of the stationary & posters, bags and accessories, food and beverages. The “T” notebook that I bought as a souvenir still sits on my desk for scribbling inspirations and ideas….

A few weeks ago the TypeHype team got in touch to tell me about the launch of their new pop-up-store in Paris and to invite me to create a little tour of TypeHype at Le Bon Marché. With so many great memories of the store in Berlin I was so excited to see the Parisian slant on this beautiful brand dedicated to the love of letters! TypeHype Paris is equally as impressive, located on the third floor of the beautiful department store where a carefully curated products blend perfectly with the art deco features of Le Bon Marché.

So lets go! I’m taking you on a little tour of TypeHypeParis inside LBM….

TypeHype 5

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