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While working with Merrit on this month’s illustration we got chatting about all the things we love and the visuals grabbing our attention! I’ve been buried under the colours of Marseille and Cassis working with the Ysé team on their stunning new swimwear collection. Merrit’s under the tight reigns of her intense fashion degree but somewhere in the midst of both our crazy working schedules, we find a way to send each other our inspirations!

Whether on pinterest or by direct message on instagram, we somehow mange to create this quirky mood-board detailing all these inspired moments! Based on this, Merrit then works her magic to create these wonderful illustrations that you often see featured here.  I love this month’s mood-board so fondly, I thought it would be fun to share it here with you and give you a little glimpse into what’s sparking our imagination this month!

Et voilà! So from inspiration to illustration: here is our quirky mood-board sparking our April imaginations!

On this month’s mood-board!? Jenny Walton’s unique style and all kind of eyes are the sparks behind Merrit’s upcoming illustration! Souvenirs of Marseille, the colours of Cassis, Fornasetti candles and the black and white portrait photography of photographer Seydou Keïta (expo currently showing at the Grand Palais) are grabbing my attention this month. Palette: we’re feeling soft-pink, aqua-ish, fresh green with a pop of red. The mood is big, bold and fun especially in the form of accessories. It’s April showers but hey it’s Spring in Paris!

I can’t wait to see what magic Merrit creates from this! Illustration to follow shortly… à très vite.

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