On Rue de L’Abbaye, Saint Germain

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Here I am in Saint Germain, at the intersection where passage de la Petite Boucherie, Rue de L’Abbaye and Rue de L’Echaude meet. A meeting point of lively little wine-bars, perfumeries, boutiques and endless winding back-streets. I love the atmosphere in this quartier, like a soft cool breeze that blows its kiss then mysteriously vanishes.

Where does the road lead? That’s the beauty and the mystery of this quartier. The answer could lie in the road taken. Rue de L’Abbaye for example, leads to Rue Seine – a street home to some of my favourite Paris bistros, galleries and boutiques. Rue Cardinal, a world of its own, who knows where life’s wind will blow…

Visually, I love this frame, I’m not sure why…perhaps the textures, tones and colours and where the eye leads..All it needs is the perfect silhouette to walk into the frame…

© TrésorParisien 2016 www.tresorparisien.com-2

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