The Insider’s Guide: Designer Yasmine Eslami

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I was recently strolling on Rue Richelieu, when a pair of cute pink boxer shorts displayed in a boutique window caught my eye. Curiosity led me inside and I was soon under the charming spell of the beautiful French lingerie designer Yasmine Eslami.

I’ve always found French lingerie to be more suited to the petite frame of La fille Parisienne rather than my more athletic shape. However, after a little encouragement and guidance from Yasmine, I soon found myself in the fitting room trying on a beautiful one-piece. Despite my initial reservations, I was so pleasantly surprised to find just how well Yasmine’s designs fit and how it complimented my body shape. Perfectly feminine, comfortable and fun to wear! And so began a new lingerie love affair…

In anticipation of the romantic weekend ahead, I popped in to see Yasmine at her boutique to find out a little more about her work and to capture a few photos. Here, Yasmine shares the inspirations behind her designs, her rules on Parisian seduction and some of her favourite Parisian addresses.

© TrésorParisien 2016

What inspires your designs?

I think of the girl first. Then it really could be a photograph or a character in a movie and from there I build a story. I started my career working for Vivienne Westwood in London and since moving back to Paris I’ve continued to consult as a stylist in the fashion industry. Working behind the scenes in fashion inspires me greatly. In a way working on my lingerie collection is like being a behind-the-scenes designer in fashion. Except I’m focusing on the intimate under-apparel!

How important is lingerie to the French girl?

Lingerie should be fun, first and foremost! Of course there is so much association and fantasy surrounding these little pieces of lingerie but I really think about the girl first in my designs. Most importantly a girl should enjoy wearing her lingerie for herself.

© TrésorParisien 2016

© TrésorParisien 2016

What’s important when it comes to buying and choosing lingerie?

It’s really important to choose the right fit as lingerie can really affect your shape and how you look in clothes. Go shopping with someone who will give you good advice. It’s also a good idea to go to a department store and get sized properly. In your head you might think you’re a 32B but you could be more a 36A. Also sizes will change according to brands so it’s really important to try first.

I love the feel of the material in your lingerie, can you tell me a little about it?

When it comes to fashion and clothes, I really like things to be light! You don’t want a heavy bag for example or a heavy coat. Be light on your feet you know! I like the materials I choose for the lingerie to be close and light on the body too.

© TrésorParisien 2016

© TrésorParisien 2016

Your favourite romantic address in Paris?

An apéritif en terrace at Le Nemours Café by Le Palais Royal.

What is the French girls secret to being seductive?

A girl who feels good and confident is sexy!

2 Parisian rules of seduction?

A beautiful rouge lip and a heel!

© TrésorParisien 2016

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  1. Great article and lovely pictures! The collection of Yasmine it is just beautiful!! Her lingerie makes one feel super sexy, and they are very confortable to wear.
    I just love them!!

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