Best Loved Of 2015

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Times have been tumultuous, sorrowful and raw but looking back I find a collection of heart-warming moments that have shaped and inspired my year.

I love sharing my experiences here with you and the beauty with digital is the shared connection from any place in the world. The words and images are just the form. The message is passion, originality, beauty and love.

I hope you’ll find something here that inspires you. Thank you for being here with me and following me along this Parisian adventure. Here’s to a very peaceful and sweet sixteen and here are some of my best-loved moments from twenty fifteen.


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Meeting Claire and Gabrielle founders of Nubio the organic cold pressed juice company in Paris at their atelier in the 12th was the perfect start to my new year. Their juices and granola have a steady flow into my daily routine and part of my Paris survival kit. Claire also gave me a wonderful tip to visit Chateau Richeux in Cancale, which was the most exciting culinary adventure of all time!


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Chasing the chills away with the beautiful products by Susanne Kaufmann thanks to the beauties behind Oh My Cream who organised a beautiful event with yoga and lots of inspiring beauty and health treats and introduced me to these great organic beauty products from Austria. This bath oil was my perfect winter antidote and the perfect excuse to stay cosy chez moi in January…


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The beauty was all in the details at the Coperni Femme presentation during Paris Fashion Week. The high ceilings, grand staircases and airy atmosphere of Le Musée des Arts Décorative seemed tailor-made to house this presentation.


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This breakfast and weekend in Chateau Richeux was such a memorable experience. Château Richeux, is part of Jane and Olivier Roellinger’s Les Maisons de Bricourt which houses: Le Château Richeux, the restaurant Le Coquillage, the seaside cottages of Les Rimains and the Roellinger spice house in Cancale and also in Paris. It’s a four hour drive from Paris, no airports, no stress – making it my idea of the perfect weekend escape. It’s there I discovered their amazing spice house and fell in love with the poudre de bulgares which is the most amazing spice that goes with fromage blanc or greek yoghurt….it’s the kind of place that you really have to be there to take in all the details and super location.


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Marie 2

Marie’s fresh spring style in the newly renovated Palais Royal, put Spring on the map.


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SR Collgae 2

Stepping inside Sonia Rykiel’s new boutique book-shop was like walking into an extraordinarily glamorous library…books and effortlessly cool chic collections…what more does a girl need?


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A wonderful morning in early June with Clara from YséLingerie to discover Morgane Sezalory’s new Summer collection and the new Sézane apartment…can we move in?


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A walk in her shoes, a fab morning chatting about, Paris, shoes and fashion in the Palais Royal with Geraldine Boublil founder and shoe pro of Erin Adamson shoes. And some lessons in how to walk in heels…




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Merrit got us into the summer spirit with her super sweet floral prints the perfect inspiration for breezy summer days….


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La Rentrée

The weather and light in August/September was magical…I enjoyed long bike rides, soaking up the atmosphere in my local neighbourhood and preparing for a very intense couple of months that lay ahead….



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À La Plus Belle…Staged in a beautiful light-filled Parisian apartment, September was spent working with the fabulous girls behind the French lingerie brand Ysé Lingerie on a series of looks showcasing their new seasonal collection for a nouveau series of Ysé Style.




Rêve D’une Femme‘, another favourite from this series of YséStyle and sharing a few lessons in art of French beauty!


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Beautiful hand-made details come to life inside a Parisian atelier in a secret courtyard close to Bastille. In October, I visited the studio of Antoinette Poisson to learn about an eighteenth century art form known as Dominos paper. As a paper passionate myself, it wasn’t long before I fell in love with everything about Antoinette Poisson, the work, the timeless paper prints, the elegant cushions, the notebooks…


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Broken arm

November was all about the The Broken Arm Café and concept store by Carreau du Temple.


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A morning in Saint Germain with Sonia Rykiel’s boyfriend Le Copain. He’s so sweet. Just too sweet! The perfect little left bank companion for a morning shoot and stroll around the backstreets of my favourite quartier.


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Christmas Collage 2

Closing out the year by adding a little sparkle to the festive season with a Christmas print give away. Merrit and I worked together to bring to life one of the recent TrésorParisien illustrations . We sent a little black dress with hints of gold to four lucky winners…just in time for the New Year!

Best loved of 2014, Best Loved of 2013


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