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Le Copain-campaign-soniarykiel-tresorparisien

When I think of Le Copain I imagine the perfectly imperfect Parisienne girl striding down Boulevard Saint Germain. There’s an air of mystery about her. A modern-day Jane Birkin comes to mind: where she goes, who knows…

Le Copain is the sweet new addition to Sonia Rykiel’s winter accessories. I spent a morning shooting this little sweetheart around some of my favourite haunts in Saint Germain for a recent Sonia Rykiel social media campaign. There’s a cheeky steal-the-show feel to this bag! The size and colours are great, but what I love most about Le Copain is that there are no rules for how it should be styled or where it goes…really, anything goes!

Today, keeping this vibe alive, I wanted to up-cycle some of the images from this shoot and wrap it up here in a fun story titled ‘Love Le Copain’. Merrit and I worked together to bring to life the idea of our Saint Germain Girl, on her way to Les Deux Maggots to meet her love for a café…Et voilà, the story begins…

Le Copain portrait - illustration-soniarykiel-tresorparisien

Le Copain-campaign-soniarykiel-tresorparisien


Le Copain-campaign-soniarykiel-tresorparisien

☆   1. Le Copain outside Serge Gainsbourg’s house on Rue Verneuil, 2. Le Copain illustration by illustrator Merrit, 3. Le Copain at Les Deux Maggots, 3. Le Copain at Place Saint Germain. 

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