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I’ve struggled to find the words to describe the emotions, the fear, the hurt, the loss we’ve experienced here in Paris during the last week. I would like to be able to write more or to find the words to express myself but this time, I just can’t. I also feel it would seem strange or inappropriate to go straight into a post without at least saying something about what happened last Friday. Sadly, I just don’t know where to begin…it’s so delicate.

So I would like to start softly with dedicating a post to Paris. To the city whose values and culture we cherish and adore. To all the wonderful people here. To the city that I love, a place that feels like home and where I have learned so much. To the city of light, love, and life that I see completely heart broken. To breath in the air of Paris, is to breath in  life, art, culture and liberté. Values we will continue to cherish, hold on to and celebrate. Here, in our hearts, and wherever we are…


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