My Secret Paris Address Book

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So you’ve often asked me to recommend a boutique hotel, a cosy bistro, where to go for a good manicure, an anniversary dinner or where to go for a cocktail when you land in Paris. My friends here in Paris also ask me for recommendations relating to la vie quotidienne…

For a while now, I’ve wanted to introduce my carnet of treasured Paris addresses to TrésorParisien, but I couldn’t quite figure out a way to do this without turning TrésorParisien into a city guide, writing a book, or creating an app! But after a little bit of digital digging, I finally found the perfect solution to put together an online city guide on Pinterest!

So from my favourite boutique hotels, restaurants, beauty spots to Parisian style inspiration you can now find all my secret addresses online. It’s not fully comprehensive just yet (I’m updating daily) but I hope to have curated TrésorParisien’s ultimate secret address book online very soon! I hope you find it useful? If you’re a pinterest and Paris fan, come say hello! I would love to see your board! Send me an invitation so I can connect with you and repin to TP’s secret address book!

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