À Paris, Chez Antoinette Poisson

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Beautiful hand-made details come to life inside a Parisian atelier in a secret courtyard close to Bastille. Antoinette Poisson was founded in 2012 by Julie Stordiau, Jean Baptiste Martin and Vincent Farelly. The founders, who are trained graphic art conservationists, met during their course at La Sorbonne and have come together to revive an eighteenth century art form and create the most beautiful hand-block printed papers and textiles. I recently visited the atelier to find out more about their work, this elegant art-form and to see the artists in action. As a paper passionate myself, it wasn’t long before I fell in love with everything about Antoinette Poisson…the work, the timeless patterns, the elegant cushions, the notebooks…

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Hand block-printed paper also known as dominos paper: produced by block printing an image onto high quality rag paper or antique fabric and then enhancing it by hand stencilling the colours.

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Dominos paper can be simply framed or used to cover books, boxes, closet interiors and soft furnishings.

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I love these prints and could easily see them framed and hanging on my wall. I also love the idea of using the prints to cover the inside of a chest of drawers or a special box.

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Each object, be it a hand-block print or a cushion, is hand made in the atelier and is completely unique. You can choose from classic prints or customise your own block print, choosing the pattern, size and colour!

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Hand-block printed paper is an ancestor to wall paper and was a favourite of Louis XV.

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Julie, Vincent and Jean Baptiste are the most welcoming team, serving up coffee and patiently talking through their work and the process. One of their block-prints and notebooks are definitely on my wish list this autumn!

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  1. Hi,
    Iam visiting Paris this month,
    can you share the exact location of the studio.
    Would love to go there, am an artist too :]
    email of Mr. Jean Baptiste Martin or the studio will suffice.

    Thank you, :]

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