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A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit Sézane’s newly renovated and decorated apartment for the shooting of Ysé’s “Les Dessous de” with the founder of Sézane, Morgane Sezalory. Admittedly, Sézane is one of the French fashion & lifestyle brands that I have grown to love since my time here in paris. So naturally, I was super excited and a little nervous about this shoot. L’Appartement Sézane is situated on Rue de Fiacre adjacent to the Sézane offices in the 2nd arrondissement.

I love this part of town, the energy of this quartier, the way the light filters through the old back streets, the history of fashion and textiles you see in shop windows and written on the walls of old buildings that meet you around every corner. I could walk around this neighbourhood for hours just soaking it up. I feel it’s where old Parisian traditions meet the new ; the very details and unique atmosphere that are brought to life in this beautiful new apartment.

Interestingly, I have passed the Sézane offices many times (on my way to Studio Kinétique) admiring the exterior of the building with its high ceilings and long windows. So naturally, I was intrigued to step inside…

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Shooting this light-filled space was a dream. Attention to detail: perfectly placed accessories are mixed with vintage pieces and inspiring coffee table books. Soft pink furnishings, and gold accents go perfectly with wooden floors and large wooden doors. A small kitchen and large oak table give the feel of a Parisian apartment…be it the one of our dreams…

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Morgane Sezalory, founder of Sézane 


Then there’s the clothes : what a treat to see this Summer collection hanging on beautiful wooden rails, shorts, breezy summer dresses, signature bags, hanging close by, shoes, sandals and home furnishings like super-chic ornaments scattered throughout. I really admire Morgane’s unique sense of style, her collections inspired from her travels are ever inspiring and seem to effortlessly tap in to our everyday style sensibilities.

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Sézane will open its doors for private rendezvous soon, I am looking forward to spending some time there without my camera in hand. I think L’appartement Sézane is an exciting concept, an authentic offline experience, opening the door to a brand we love.

Visit Sézane and see Morgane’s Interview on Ysé.


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