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You can take a scarf anywhere in any season. A good scarf can work just as well as an earring or necklace to frame and add colour to the face. In some cases it takes the place of jewellery for me; I often quickly swap a necklace for a scarf to change a silhouette or to match my mood. I also just love the feel of a cool silk or cosy cashmere scarf on my skin.

The scarf has become a regular feature here on TrésorParisien, from the Coffee Table to Merrit’s illustrations, (see it works everywhere) and my love affair for this accessory continues to grow. All this is to say that today, I am super excited to introduce you to the colorful universe of inspiring Brazilian lady Iracema from Heart Heart Heart. 

Iracema, Brazilian-born, who has been living in Paris for seven years, creates the most beautiful scarves here in Paris. Her designs are inspired by ‘nature in unexpected places’, playful graphics, beautiful fabrics and her own personal experiences. They are oh so super chic and truly little works of art. And I truly heart heart heart.

Last week I paid a visit to her showroom close to the Palais Royal to see her current collection and chat with her about her designs. Here Iracema talks about her passion for design and music, Heart, Heart, Heart and living in Paris V Brazil…

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Can you tell me the story of how Heart Heart Heart began?

Heart Heart Heart started as a way to put ideas in motion. A Scarf is a great medium when you want to focus on graphics and embellishments. I thought there was a lot of things to do in it, and the best way to see them was to start something small, special, in limited editions.

You created Heart X 3 with the desire to create beautiful scarves? What goes into making a beautiful scarf? 

Colors are important, fabrics and the way you wear it. A good scarf works like an earring it gives color and a frame to the face. Also it’s a piece of garment that is not so overpowering as say, a printed shirt, so there is more space for interesting prints.

What inspires your collections?

Artistic gestures, a way of thinking in design. Each series has a small story behind it. I love telling stories through them. I am also inspired by nature in unexpected places and of course I am Brazilian so naturally there is a Brazilian sensibility there too.

How does your own personal lifestyle and background influence the design process of the scarves?

I value things that are really unique through and through…to the last detail. We live in a time of super exposure, so many products and images around us that its important to stand out. I learned that in Music. With the change in how people consume it (no CDs, downloads, streamings) a lot of the most elementary side of it came back to the surface. I think for me – it’s about innovation, creating something that is truly original that’s what’s important to me and in my design process.

The scarf is so iconic to Parisian style – why, do you think?

There is something fun and sleek about a beautiful silk scarf. It’s functional and versatile, Parisians like that. It gives you an edge right away without overpowering the look. Parisian style is a lot about putting the person in first place.

Your best tips for wearing a scarf?

I like to have them just sitting in the neck, hanging long without a knot. It elongates the silhouette.

Along with a scarf, two other favourite Parisian style essentials?

The trench and the short trousers. Love them.

You’ve been living in Paris for seven years – how is it…Brazil V Paris?  

I love that Paris has human proportions when you compare it to other capitals. You can walk everywhere and you bump into friends regularly. What I miss from Brazil sometimes is the warmth of the people, (and the weather) how people take things lightly and smile more often for life.

Your ideal Sunday in Paris….

Spend time with my dog (instagram: @mayathewhippet) shop for fruits and vegetables at the street market, cook at home.

Visit the Heart Heart Heart eBoutique


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