Spring Tonics

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I don’t know about you, but there’s something about this warm weather that’s making me crave a spritzy, refreshing tonic. A sparkling Bombay Sapphire gin & tonic, quickly comes to mind. I am also looking to revive my spring beauty rituals with refreshing creams and tonics. Last year I discovered Chantecaille Rose Water, something I now can’t live without.

This season, I am adding ‘Acqua di Maggio’, a beautiful flower water from Santa Maria Novella to my beauty bag. It’s gently scented with rose, iris and broom. It’s alcohol free so it’s calming for sensitive skin. I was holding out to visit the boutique in Florence, but with their beautiful beauty offerings now available in Le Bon Marché – how could I resist? After a long day running from meetings and shoots, this is the perfect restorative tonic…accompanied soon after by a large g&t!

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