New Beauty Crush: Susanne Kaufmann

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In chilling Parisian temperatures, aromatic bath oils, organic butter creams, and a soaking hot tub are my luxury winter essentials and my ideal Sunday beauty treat. Oils in particular, at this time of year are so soothing for skin and mind. I recently discovered the beautiful new beauty offerings by Suzanne Kauffman, at an event organized by the beauties behind Oh My Cream. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and invigorating, I find Suzanne’s products the perfect elixirs for dealing with dry winter skin and weather.

While we dream of escaping to Suzanne’s beautiful spa in the Austrain mountains, I can settle for the light delicate scents of “the Oil Bath For the Senses“, and the rich nourishing creamy textures of the “Body Butter Cream“, for a spa like feel at home. I love the minimal look and feel of these products. As well as the feel-fab-factor, they look sublime on the bathroom shelf too!

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