Nubio: A New Start

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Okay, time to put away the coffee, red wine, chocolate and hit restart.

After all the festive indulgences, I am in desperate need of a complete detox. So where to start? I have never completed a cleanse or a detox before and I wasn’t quite sure I would find a suitable one in Paris. Then, I stumbled upon Nubio!

Nubio is a Parisian cold pressed juice brand founded by two young passionate entrepreneurs, Claire Nouy and Gabrielle Rotger. Their juices are absolutely delicious, freshly made from organic fruits and vegetables in the Nubio atelier in the 11th.

This week, Claire and Gabrielle prepared me ‘Un nouveau depart’, which consists of four juices, the most delicious almond milk and an elixir. The cleanse was delivered straight to my door (with a friendly service) and packaged beautifully. My order came with a little detox guide (think detox bible) filled with info, wellness tips, detox recipes and more.

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Admittedly, the idea of going a day without my regular creature comforts was torture and a little nerving (no coffee, no red wine…yikes). However with all the juices and little snacks, I was surprised how easily I got through it. I was also really surprised how I felt the next day; no coffee or comfort food cravings, I felt lighter and reset, in summary, I felt great! I am dying to discover more behind this great brand to share with you here. Nubio’s Insider Guide, coming soon.

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