The Insider’s Guide: Nubio founders, Claire Nouy & Gabrielle Rotger

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I am a great believer that looking good is about feeling great! A philosophy shared by Claire & Gabrielle, founders of Nubio, the organic cold-pressed juice brand here in Paris. A big fan of their juices and admirer of the initiatives surrounding the brand, (quickly grabbed up by Alain Ducasse for Le Plaza Athénée menu and café) I recently met with girls at the Nubio Atelier to find out more. Here, Claire shares the beauty and health secrets behind juicing, her healthy living Paris tips and favourite weekend escapes…

Tell me a little about the inspiration behind Nubio ?

As a French, healthy woman, I was really not into fruit juices – I told everyone it was better to bite into an apple instead of press it (and drink good red wine instead of grape juice!) I first discovered fresh cold-pressed juices made of veggies when I was in New York. Their impact on my energy and health was so impressive! I got totally addicted and back in Paris, I was so desperate to find these pure cold-pressed juices that I started to make them myself, with a juice extractor and a ton of veggies from La Ruche Qui Dit Oui and…Nubio came to my mind – it was an epiphany! Gabrielle and I threw ourselves into the adventure at the end of 2013.

Describe a typical day at the Nubio Atelier?

Very intense! Either Gabrielle or I arrive very early to the workshop to manage the morning deliveries. Then, we prepare the production planning for our production team. We make fresh juices everyday, we do not have any stock. We often have a lot of meetings within the day all over Paris and it is already pretty late when we can sit at our computer and answer emails…

I take the time to do some yoga every morning to heat my body and start the day full of positive energy. I also often do sport at lunch time because we work late and I do not want to skip it. I need to let out steam and fuel my body with positive energy in order to be efficient  – and in a good mood all day long. Evenings are quieter – this is the time for Gabrielle and I to plan our business next steps.

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Claire Nouy & Gabrielle Rotger, Nubio Founders


What are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

The juice cleanse is the opportunity to give your body a break from processing. During the cleanse, all meals are replaced by fresh, pure and coldpressed juices, free from fibers. A 500 ml bottle of Nubio juice is made of 1 kilogram raw vegetables and fruits – at least 70% veggies in order to minimize the fructose supply.

While your body focuses its energy on the elimination, it’s healed with vitamines and minerals from the coldpressed juices. After a juice cleanse, your body works better, your skin glows, you feel full of energy and you enjoy fresh healthy food! You do not need a thousand coffees any more to be active and efficient all day long

Where and how do you source the fruits and vegetables that go into your juices?

We source fresh, organic certified products from local farming. We change our recipes with the seasons. We work hand in hand with local farmers, some of them grow plants specifically for Nubio! We receive fresh vegetables everyday and press them right away. No stock, 100% fresh 100% raw 100% organic.

What is clean, healthy living to you?

Balance and fun are the key-words. Everybody needs to find their own balance. I grew up in a small harbour in Brittany, fed with fresh sea air and veggies from the family’s garden. Healthy home-made food and a lot of raw veggies are essential for me, along with everyday yoga & meditation. I also need to travel, fuel my inspiration with new emotions, tastes, perfumes and images. Tokyo last summer was an incredible aesthetic experience!

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Healthy living can be challenging in Paris. What are your top tips for a healthy Paris lifestyle ?

1. Don’t take the metro. It’s depressing. Walk or take a bike. 2. Find a local market. Order online at La Ruche qui dit oui : amazing local products, my saturday rendez-vous! I love Welcome Bio too. 3. Cook at home which is very much part of the French culture! 4. Find a yoga studio ( My favourites: Yoga Strala by Sandrine Bridoux, Yoga vinyasa by Julia Truffaut, Yoga and meditation with Gabrielle Richard, Yoga with Sandra Insoha)

What are your guilty pleasures you indulge in now and then ?

Take an adventure with food! We are really passionate about food and healthy lifestyle but it’s all about balance. I love French bread and French butter…and my philosophy is, if you’re going to eat bread, or drink coffee, make sure they are the best!

What are your favourite French beauty products?

My beauty routine is pretty minimalist – the most important is to get my Nubio dose everyday and spend time with the one I love. I enjoy discovering new pure beauty products – French brands are struggling to combine efficiency, pure & organic with an attractive packaging! I use Leonor Greyl and Christophe Robin products and John Master Organics sea mist for my hair.

Digital beauty Reads?

Sakara, Live The Process, Green Kitchen Stories

Favourite weekend escapes outside of Paris ?

A week-end at Roellinger in Cancale – an amazing place to enjoy a very serene time on the sea side (I love the cold Atlantic sea, wavy and tonic ). A country house in the woods to escape Paris – my fiancé’s is in Champagne – I am dreaming right now of good firewood, some books and a glass of wine there…

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