The Three Spice Kings: Cardomome, Saffron, Ginger

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I have a penchant for anything with cardamome, saffron, and ginger in it. I find the sheer simplicity of these scents wildly exotic. I add little cardamon pods and saffron strands to my rice cooker when I am making rice and it creates this incredible aromatic scent. Cardamon and chocolate also make a fine pairing with coffee. (Not sure? try: Rococo’s dark chocolate and cardamom wafers with your next coffee or matcha latte)

So you can only imagine my true delight to discover the Byredo counter at Le Bon Marché and their scented candles: cardamome (whoop), saffron (whoop), ginger (whoop), my three kings of Christmas spices! I am also totally in love with the beautiful packaging, the Gypsey Water Perfume, the beautiful Bal d’Afrique bath oil and the general overall feel of this brand. It sends me to a chic exotic place!

This Christmas, I can put the rice cooker away, light my candle, let Mariah Carey sing, and spice up up my little Parisian pad with coffee and my three spice kings from Byredo.

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