The Little Black Dress

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I am very excited to welcome some dear friends in for a toasty festive Christmas soirée tomorrow night. It’s my first time hosting a festive soirée and along with some space issues: will 17 guests actually fit in my little Parisian pad? I am also facing a little cocktail conundrum: go with the traditional mulled wine or opt for something a little different; like mulled apple cider?

Have you ever tried it, Hot Apple Mulled Cider? It sounds harmless, so I made some last weekend – it’s deliciously festive, tastes non-alcoholic but believe me, highly potent. (I blame the Monkey Shoulder Whiskey). But a little festive cheer never hurt anyone, right?

Then of course, there is the highly important matter of what to wear? In my dream version of how this soirée plays out, I am the the sleek, sharp picture of Marie above. Greeting and introducing guests: ‘have you met Miss Jones’ I will politely say, dressed in my perfect little black dress rented from C’est Ma Robe. Matched with a bold satin clutch, the perfect accessories and sparkling party shoes. It’s all good.

Oh but thinking it through, tottering around in high heels and serving up mulled wine, isn’t exactly designer dress ‘on-duty’ friendly? So I think I will ditch the dress and the shoes, channel my inner Bridget Jones (another style-heroine of mine) in favour of some big black tuxedo pants, a tuxedo top and my Rudolph apron. I would go with a bunny tail but perhaps that’s the whiskey talking!

Style notes: Little black dress & accessories via C’est Ma Robe

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