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Talking beauty with Oh My Cream


With party season just around the corner and in search of some insider beauty tips, I recently met with beauty expert Juliette Lévy (the founder of Oh My Cream) and the Oh My Cream Team, for a Parisian-eye make-up tutorial.

Clean eyes that pop, minimal make-up, all done in a blink of an eye – is the Oh My Cream’s golden rule for an effortless Parisian look. And just like a box of Pierre Marcoloni chocolates, once you pop, it’s impossible to stop! Here is a simple 6 step tutorial for achieving those effortless Parisian party eyes!



In the quest for beautiful eyes: Oh My Cream, rule no 1:  Hydrate. Use Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque. ‘It has a spongy plumping effect that locks in moisture. Apply a thin layer, leave for 5 mins and massage a little and around the eyes. The fundamental starting point for eyes that pop!’



About the night before: a good eye cream in the form of Antipodes’ Kiwi seed oil Eye Cream. ‘Apply just a very small amount: 1 rice grain in size at sunrise and sunset (big amounts of eye cream will make your eyes puff). Massage along the eye bone, not on the lid.’



Oh My Cream gold standard: RMS ‘Uncover Up‘. Made from coconut oil, a natural product that’s truly wonderful in covering up dark circles, blemishes and redness. It’s a multifunctional product; it covers up while moisturising your skin too. Tap product gently over dark or problem areas or glide product for a more natural finish. ‘We love these little pots and packaging too – so practical’.



Oh My Cream gold standard. ‘Take a large brush and glide RMS powder over skin. A natural powder, that brightens skin, with a silky finish and a ‘I woke up like this kind of effect’.



Oh My Cream gold standard: RMS Living Luminizer is the bright eye wonder product of the moment used by international make-up artists. It reflects lights and goes on like silk. Like the uncover up, it’s made of natural ingredients and very easy and simple to apply. Dab along the 1) cheek- bone 2) under the eye-brow line 3) inside the socket. The small pots slip easily into a make-up bag and are perfect for on the go and travelling.



‘We are big fans of the baby doll look and long eye lashes at Oh My Cream. The must have product for amazing lashes is Japanese brand DJV Beautenizer Volume Lash. The product is incredible: apply just one coat to lashes and zig zag at the ends. The results are amazing. It’s also resistant to oil and sweat so you won’t get mascara shadows! You remove it with water by swooping your finger under the lashes. The mascara removes in little droplets, without leaving shadows and saving make-up remover.’

Voila! 6 simple steps for a natural effortless look…oh and just add bold red lips for evening!


Beauty notes: Dermologica Skin Hydrating Masque, Antipodes, Kiwi Seed Oil, RMS powder, DJV Beautenizer Volume Lash, RMS Living Luminizer, RMS Uncoverup.  All beauty products can be purchased online from the Oh My Cream eBoutique and in store: Olympia Le Tan and Pierre Marcoloni chocolates available from the Pierre Marcoloni boutique on Rue St Honoré.


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