Rendez Vous


Image © Peter Lindbergh

Two expos on my mind to see this month…

Quel surprise, they are both photography exhibits! Peter Lindbergh’s exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery and Garry Winogrand’s presentation at the Jeu de Paume in Les Jardins Tuilleries. Both fantastic galleries in good locations. I spotted the photo below (an advert for the expo) running to meetings on the metro yesterday. Adverts in the metro never usually catch my eye, but this one stopped me in my tracks.

Rather than queuing with the tourists for entry into the big museums (maybe it’s the Parisian coming out in me) I prefer the smaller, more intimate galleries. These expos are both being held in small spacious galleries and are perfect for a saturday morning culture fix. And along with the promise of a cosy breakfast at the end, I’m all in.


Image © Garry Winogrand

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