What I love about Paris: Axelle, like Axl Rose

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‘My name is Axelle, like Axl Rose’


Axelle, born and bred in Paris, with her effortlessly chic style, her cool girl Californian vibes (Parisian living in San Francisco) and her unique vision make her very much the rock ‘n’ roll star! Axelle runs a ‘Digital Think-Tank’ in San Franciso named AXL Agency. Already making waves in the digital world and the media sphere with her unique approach and vision, watch this space for AXL. This week, I caught up with Axelle for breakfast at Claus, to chat about her love of Paris and life here Vs San Francisco. I have to say, in every aspect this girl is so rock n roll!

What do you love about Paris?

I love its beauty, never being bored by its architecture, and the possibility of finding a stunning surprise around every corner. I also love its sound; people talking, chatting at the café, debating, laughing. You hear the heart beat of Paris all the time. Paris mixes people from many different industries and it creates a very inspiring conversation. Cinema, arts, fashion, technology, I can talk about so many diverse topics in one day in Paris.

Paris in 3 words?

Sophisticated – panache – artistic

What do you love less about Paris?

Traffic has become crazy! Paris has to be careful about staying curious, not only about ourselves, but the rest of the world. I am born and raised in Paris and it’s easy sometimes to fall in love so much with this city that we stay in our little bubble. We have so much to learn from others and to bring to others.

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How does your lifestyle influence your personal style?

I am a true Parisian but after 4 years in California, I can say in terms of lifestyle I am really a californian girl. Yoga, vegetarian, gluten free, meditation – I am the total cliche. I am very sensitive to brands that offer another way of consuming. I try to not buy fast fashion and want to support brands sensitive to the environment. I love Everlane, Reformation, TOMS, MOVT. Also, I am a bit ashamed to say but in San Fran I wear leggings and a tank in the middle of the day. I would never do this in Paris! But yoga and fitness fashion are growing fast on the West Coast.

Your style in 3 words?

Personal – eclectic – Parisian !

What are you wearing?

A sweatshirt from here. A coat from Reformation. Jeans from Sandro and baskets from Nike, Jordan first edition.

If you lived in Paris again which neighbourhood would you live in and why?

Le Marais. It feels alive, even on a Sunday! And as a veggie gluten free girl, I can find restaurant for me in this area !

Daily essentials?

Meditation/yoga – Learning at least one new thing every day- Love: to give and receive love from your friends, family, partner & from yourself!!

A favourite quote?

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.” E.E. Cummings


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