On the coffee table: Cosy café crème

© TrésorParisien - AislingGreally 2014 -1

Although there is an undeniable change in mood that accompanies this time of year, I always feel excited about the feel of Autumn in the air. It reminds me of bonfires and fireworks and all the magic of halloween growing up in the countryside in Ireland. When Autumn leaves fall, I love to take long walks along the Canal St Martin, Versailles or St Cloud to soak up all that earthy atmosphere. I love all those creamy cosy colours, those burgundy reds, and the feel of putting on that favourite Autumn coat again. As the afternoons darken, snuggling up with a slice of cake from Rose Bakery, a copy of Vogue, and a cosy café creme is just the thing.

© TrésorParisien - AislingGreally 2014 -3

On the coffee table: Paris Vogue, Scarf from LV, Coffee from Téléscope, Coffee tasse from Astier de Villate


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