Packing for Provence

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Windows open, jazz music on, sipping coffee and packing for two weeks in Provence! I have wanted to visit Provence for so long now and can’t believe the time has finally come! Lavender, apricots and rosé – here we come!

Our car has actually arrived in Avignon as we speak, it left on the train this morning. We leave from Gard du Lyon in a couple of hours and we will pick up the car from there. We are renting a country house near Lacoste and it’s just an hour drive from Avignon station…

If all goes well, we’ll be by the pool, sipping a cool glass of rosé and be reunited with dear friends and family! À très vite.

Porter Magazine, Rondini Sandals, ForteForte Shirt, Leica Camera, Borsalino Hat, Astier de Villatte notebook and coffee mug, ‘Out of Africa’.

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