The Paris Insider: Rambert Rigaud’s Floral Guide

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Paris has a wonderful selection of floral boutiques dedicated to the art of beautiful blooms. Even so, I still find myself walking home from the market with the same flowers time and time again. As beautiful as a single rose is (and a bouquet of white roses may be on my dining table), lately I find myself searching for a little more originality to bring to the table. In search of some inspiration, I recently took a visit to Rambert Rigaud’s floral concept store on Rue de L’Université in the 7th.


A former studio director at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, Rambert turned his hand from fashion to florals to create a wonderful floral and home store in St Germain. Filled with a diverse selection of flowers, matched with a unique curation of antiques and soft furnishings (you’ll want to run away with) and a warm open ambience, Rambert’s Boutique is like walking into a best friend’s home. Rambert is also the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet.

After a coffee or two and chatting about a shared love of gardens, Rambert gets to work to show me how to create simple bouquets and to offer some tips for dressing a table. Here’s Rambert’s guide and top tips.



“It’s all about creating ambience”

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“Choose a well considered selection of flowers, less is more.”

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“A well chosen vase with small amounts of flowers can be more appealing than a big bouquet”

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“A simple rose, a beautiful carnation, and some purple clématite in small vintage vases are visually appealing”.

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“Place an odd number of flowers in a vase: one short, one medium, one small, so it’s visually striking.”

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” I love to use antique plates, they are a good foundation to build from and a feature item like a candle stick holder adds character.”

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“I like the idea of transforming your table into a garden”



Rambert Rigaud’s floral concept store, 2 L’Université, 75007, Paris


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