Freshly Squeezed

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I think it’s something to do with the current humidity in Paris that has me craving anything ice cold, freshly squeezed, zesty and with a promise of summer about it. Thankfully, Clarins has the perfect beauty prescription for me right now: ‘Lait Hydratant’, a lightly textured cream; followed by ‘Eau Ensoleillante’, a spritzy tonic. Both make a refreshing alternative to a traditional perfume. It’s like summer in a bottle. I love the combined aroma and it leaves you with a totally refreshed feeling and a delicate perfume on your skin. Like a freshly squeezed juice or long sunny day on the beach.

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Beauty notes: Clarins products from Clarins Boutique on Rue Babylone, Oranges & Flowers from Rue Cler, Vases from Rambert Rigaud’s Flower Shop, 2 Rue de L’ Université, Paris, 75007.

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