What’s in my Buly bag?

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Uniquely Buly


A natural silk sponge from the bottom of the Greek ocean, dried lavender flowers from the fields of Provence, and natural oils made from pomegranate and avocado, are just a few of the unusually unique, natural beauty treats, I walked away with from my recent visit to the Buly boutique. Read on to discover more…

1/ Fleurs de lavande

I find the aroma of lavender very calming and restorative, so I couldn’t resist a scoop of these natural dried lavender flowers. Stored in big beautiful vintage glass jars in the boutique, take just one sniff into this jar and you’re transported to Provence. You can mix the powder with water or oil to create a luscious facial scrub. I’ve been mixing it into a foamy cleanser and it works wonderfully.

2/Huile de Pepin, de Grenade, et d’avocat

I love how you can test the oils in small doses (10ml €4). I am trying two facial oils for night time : a grape seed oil and a pomegranate oil and they can also be used with powders for a scrub. I also took the 50ml avocado body and hair oil. They have a gorgeous natural aroma. I love the small bottles and brown paper packaging too, it adds a drop of old school to the mix.

3/Silky smooth sponges

I must admit I’m not really a sponge kind of girl, but there’s something about these little sea sponge creatures that are irresistible. They have a diverse collection at the boutique, in all sorts of shapes, textures and sizes. Founder Victoire de Taillac, advises that they each have their own unique character and to choose the one you connect with most. I couldn’t resist this little one’s charm. Who looks just the part in my bathroom and living up to its reputation by working wonders on my skin.

4/The super natural soap

Don’t judge a soap by its cover! In this case, I must admit, I think I probably did. I just love the packaging and design of these natural soaps! They smell divine too. I can see this handy little soap box, doubling up as a desk accessory as well as a being a beauty indispensable.

There was so much more I wanted to explore and I found the whole Buly experience really unique. I am dying to try the water based perfumes and the incense matches on my next visit. How about you, have you tried any other Buly products? I would love to know, what’s in your Buly bag?

Step inside the Buly boutique here


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