Something for Le Weekend




Cheese & wine, coffee & croissants, macarons & champagne, theatre & dinner, who doesn’t love a good combo? I’ve been getting quite into my Parisian combinations of late, a good movie at La Pagode followed by tea in their secret Zen garden. A great expo followed by a great lunch at the museum’s café (or ditch the expo to run to buy souvenirs from the expo’s boutique). Lunch at Le Square Trousseau followed by shopping at Merci. My latest combo discovery involves coffee at the charming little café, Café Verlet on Rue Saint Honoré followed by a visit to the very cool boutique across the road Astier de Villatte! I am in love with everything in this bountiful beautiful place and I dream about turning my apartment totally à l’Astier! The hidden details in their ceramics (all made in Paris) are so quirky and rock ‘n’ roll (image above). I cannot wait to share with you some more finds from my recent visit to ADV next week…

How about you, do you have a favourite weekend combo?






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