Astier de Villatte

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To collect or not to


It’s the random, quirky details that inspire me most chez Astier de Villatte: the hidden detail on the bottom of a mug, a giant ceramic foot, an eye on a tea pot. Each piece is a unique little work of art. Every time I pop in, it’s a surprising experience of discovery but I am never quite sure what to buy. I have bought some candles, but since my last visit, I was so inspired, I am considering starting a collection of their ceramics. I have started many pottery type collections before and I end up having twos and threes of random things. With ceramic or pottery collections, I think once you commit and buy into it, there has to be a follow through to collect a set, or several pieces from the collection. I have my ‘eye’ on the coffee mug and tea pot, but I am also in love with their collection of plates and vases. The vases could be quite a good investment, as a one off collector’s item. The plates could be used as dashing salad bowls or I love the idea of hanging them on the wall as a collection of art. Who needs a Picasso when you can have this great frog on your wall? I wonder if you kissed him, would he turn into a charming prince? Either way, it’s all so charming and enchanting here…

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How about you, have you started an Astier de Villatte collection? What are your favourite pieces?


Astier de Villatte, 173 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris


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