Timeless Glamour

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A story that reflects the Parisian glamour of today with a bygone style of yesterday


When I think of Art Déco, a couple of things immediately spring to mind; the dancing flapper girls of the 1920’s, the novelist Scott Fitzgerald, and the recent hollywood film, Gatsby. To me then, it was glamour for the sake of glamour, a wave of style that traversed the globe, embracing the taste makers of the 20th century.

When you look closely, many of the attributes associated with Art Déco style (geometric forms, symmetrical patterns, modern materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, rectangles, zigzags, bold vivid colours and sunburst motifs) can also be seen in the buildings, design and architecture around Paris. The entrance lobby, to Le Hotel Meurice is a classic example of this. The geometric marble floors, the big bronzed mirrors, and the furnishings are exactly the lavish ornamentation associated with the glamour of the déco movement.

Reflecting back today, the beautiful French model Audrey, in this stunning Art Déco inspired embroidered dress, created by Don O Neill for Theia Couture. In almost mirror image, the two opposing elements come together to give a sense of harmonious balance, and a moment of pure glamour. I like to call it, ‘timeless glamour’.

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