A Peek Inside A Dream Parisian Pad

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I’ve been a little obsessed with Joseph Dirand‘s work lately. Orchestrating a lunch or two at Monsieur Bleu, browsing the boutiques where he has designed the interiors and sharing a few inspired images as I go. If his interior designs around this city are anything to go by, can you imagine what his own apartment would look like? Something suitably soigné, resembling the images above. Yes, imagine, as the images are in fact of his apartment, which are beyond my imagination, just pure inspiration, a dream Parisian pad with a capital D. If only I could step inside to take a deeper look. To my delight, over a coffee this morning, and with the New York Times ‘T Magazine’, I did just that. In this month’s magazine, The Times have created a wonderful video feature that takes you on a tour inside Monsieur Dirand’s Parisian pad. Along with video, this feature includes stunning images and an insightful article into Dirand’s work as an architect, and as an interior designer. You can watch the video and read the article here. Grand, grand, coup de coeur. 

Images courtesy of New York Times T Magazine


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