Merci, le chic iconique


‘My white shirts go right back to the eighties. They are my second skin. I wear them all the time, for work, on holiday, even on the beach! ’


Anna Wintour featured nine supermodels wearing one on the cover of Vogue for the 100th anniversary. Audrey Hepburn famously wore her husbands tied to the back. It’s a trademark staple of Karl Lagerfeld’s personal brand identity. It’s a wardrobe classic, that many of us reach for just as routinely as we do our first morning espresso. It’s the one and only, the indispensable classic white shirt.

Over the years, the white shirt has become as iconic to Parisian style as the fiat 500. In this next series of A week of chic, we celebrate these two classic icons of Parisian chic inside one of Paris’s celebrated concept stores…

We catch up with Bernie Rouchot Fraysse, manager of the used book café inside merci’s concept store. Over coffee we investigate Bernie’s signature style and love for the white shirt, her take on Parisian style and her thoughts on Paris fashion week.

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