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What a week! A week of chic!


Starting from Camille’s favourite Paris Fashion Week café, moving on to a French fashion breakfast feast chez Claus, then on to merci’s used book café for a coffee with Bernie, (the Parisian sartorial star of the white shirt). We reach our final stop and alight at Paris’ grand fashion central, Colette. We rendez-vous with Guillaume Salmon (head of press relations) inside this celebrated store. He shares his insights on ‘who is Colette?’, ‘what really is Parisian chic?’, and ‘what is the most coveted fashion week accessory this season?’

Au revoir – A week of chic!

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Colette, 213, Rue Saint Honoré, 75001, Paris


  1. Hiya – I would love to see this video but it is coming up “this video is private”. I am in NZ so I am not sure if it is zone related?

    I have loved watching the other videos – thanks for a look at parisien chic.

    The breakfast revolution was quite funny though as “brunch” at trendy cafes is a big thing here in NZ on the weekends so it was interesting to see it has just hit Paris – probably because large breakfasts are more English or American in orgin I presume. It is curious how fashions evolve and move.

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