Céline & La Vie en Rose


Petits Détails



Each fashion season, I really look forward to watching Phoebe Philo’s collection for Céline. What fascinates me about Phoebe’s work is her continuous ingenuity and originality to create clothes we desire before we even know we desire them.

I am a classic example of this. I watch and admire the show during Paris fashion week. I save my favourite looks, (I get excited about Autumn style in March) but nothing quite resonates…

Six months later, there I am in September, searching for a coat, something unique, something a little different, classic but contemporary. The ‘one’ that will take me anywhere, the ‘one’ that works in all seasons, the last forever ‘one’, admired by ‘one’ and all, the ‘one’ that goes with absolutley everything.

So I go back to my style notes and there it is, waiting for me, the perfect ‘one’. It’s the perfect colour, the perfect length. The small details resonate even more; the beautiful neckline; the white pearl buttons down the right-hand side; the white rose to the left, the coat that makes life just a little more Rosey!

That’s the power of Céline for you, whether it’s a delayed reaction, the intention of fashion, the genius of the creator, it just takes me a little while to get there.

To la vie en rose!


Images via style.com

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