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Allow me to introduce you to Marta Greber, food stylist and founder of the blog ‘What Should I eat for Breakfast Today? From her small apartment in Berlin, inspired by her travels from around the world, Marta whips up and photographs mouth watering dishes and beautiful recipes all dedicated to the art of breakfast. Having recently spent some time in Barcelona visiting over 100 restaurants, Marta’s guide to Berlin and Barcelona bring a unique and very local perspective to two very dynamic European cities. On a recent trip to Berlin, I met with Marta at the West Berlin Café to find out some of her best tips and addresses and ask her what should I eat for breakfast in Berlin and where should I go to eat it? Grab a coffee and lets check out what’s happening in cool Berlin.


What do you love about living in Berlin?

I love Berlin, Berlin is a city of opportunities. There are amazing cafés and restaurants serving up food from all corners of the world. People are so passionate about food here. Take Street Food Thursday for example; a very cool event, ‘an enormous feast’ where you can taste amazing food from around the world. Burgers and HipHop is another fantastic food event where you have 10-15 stalls serving different kind of burgers. DJs spin out 90s HipHop music and you have these incredible break dancers. It’s Berlin, so everyone follows the spirit – it’s a fantastic evening ‘the music makes me feel like a teenager again’.

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WestBerlin Café

What should I eat for breakfast? How did it start?

I was hungry! I had just spent some time in South-America. After traveling to Bolivia I got sick, and when I got back to Berlin I decided to clean out my system and go on a thirty day detox. I craved real food, the textures, the satisfaction, the sensations. During the detox, I was looking for inspiration for delicious breakfasts I promised I would treat myself when the detox was over. So I began experimenting, making breakfasts for my husband and presenting it nicely. We discussed the dishes and I slowly began photographing them and then decided to share the recipes by starting a blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some domestic goddess cooking these delicious muffins and pancakes for my husband, I was simply hungry and obsessed with food during the detox. I wanted clean, healthy delicious food and I found myself asking myself what should I eat for breakfast today? This is how it all started.
Marta’s Pumpkin & Apple pancakes, recipe here

What inspires your recipes?

I think I was inspired by travels around the world. Sydney has the most amazing sensibility for breakfasts – giant waffles with poached eggs and a bit of lemon zest. When we got back to Berlin, I was craving all these dishes and I wanted to re-create them.  The internet is a great source of inspiration too.




Your favourite neighbourhood in Berlin?

I really like my neighbourhood – Friedrichshain, because it has it all; great cafes; my beloved Boxi market; nice park; cool streets and amazing people living here. I also enjoy Kreuzberg, especially in the summer as there’s so much happening.
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WestBerlin Café

Describe a perfect weekend in Berlin?

I would start with a breakfast on Boxhagenerplatz on Saturday as there’s a food market on this day. I would definitely visit Boros Bunker – a private collection of contemporary art (you need to book a visit in advance), then lunch in The Lokal and I would wander around Kreuzberg later on. After dark, drinks in Michelberger Hotel and then everything is possible. Sunday is a flea market day, there are few in Berlin, I usually go on Boxi or Trodelmarkt. If it’s cold outside I would go to Do You Read Me, grab a magazine and go to The Barn for a nice coffee, sandwich and a good read.
Aunt Benny

 Your favourite place for breakfast in Berlin?

Aunt Benny is my favourite place for breakfast. I like the vibe of this place. It’s minimalistic, yet has a cosy interior. I also enjoy their bagels, yummy cakes and people working there.  The atmosphere of a place is really important to me and here I always feel welcome and to stay as long as I want.

Favourite cafés?

Kaffeebar – They serve delicious breakfasts, play good music and have great interior. It’s located close to a Turkish market, so I go there after for veggy and fruit shopping.
Gipfeltreffen – is perfect for a longer visit. You can enjoy sun outside or a full of light interior with typical for Berlin vintage tables and chairs.
Gipfeltreffen Café
Two and Two – This place was created for people of Berlin. The owners are amazing and as they say, they love people hanging around for work or just for coffee. With this kind of attitude they had to create an amazing spot.
Two & Two Café
CK Café – Best coffee in Berlin. If you like to talk about coffee, this is a place for you as each question will be answered with pleasure.
CK Café
The Barn – Has a great feel to it. They have two spots in Berlin, but the small one on Auguststrasse is my favourite. It’s also very close to Do You Read Me, a small store with good magazines, so I can grab one and read it over a coffee next door.
                                                                                                    The Barn Café

A great place for lunch?

Lemongrass in Friedrichshain. It’s a Thai restaurant with food just like in Thailand plus they have lunch specials Monday-Friday and we like specials. I also enjoy The Lokal in Mitte with a good german cuisine.

A favourite boutique or favourite places for shopping in Berlin?

Aussere Werte –  a small store with work of young german designers (manteuffelstraße 85, 10997 berlin). They definitely know what they’re doing and it’s always difficult not to spend too much over there. Also Shio (Weichselstr. 59, 12045 Berlin)in Neukoln, they sell selected vintage pieces, that they upcycle a bit.

How would you describe the style in Berlin?

Everything is welcome over here. Even if you go to a store in your pyjamas people won’t criticise it. But you can observe that there is a vintage style on the streets. Maybe because there’s so many vintage stores and markets. I think Berliners look good, understated, that’s for sure.



What are some of your treasured pieces that you have bought in Berlin?

This is a hard question as Berlin is famous with it’s vintage markets. My most important treasure is my old wooden table but I also got beautiful plates and bowls there that I use in my photography.

A favourite park/garden?

Friedrichshain Volkspark – it is big and has everything – small lake, beautiful fountain, perfect paths for running, sculptures, nice coffee spot and it’s so big that you can get lost in it.

For the best view of Berlin?

I think Klunkerkranich – bar on a top of a parking, usually open during the warm season. The view is amazing, especially during the sunset.
A warm thank you to Marta for taking time out to chat. You can find more of Marta’s addresses and delicious recipes made in Berlin here





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