Introducing ‘A Week of Chic’


A Week of Chic


What makes Paris so uniquely special during fashion week?

Paris itself.

The people, the places, the style, the bistros, the extraordinary venues, the cafés, the boulevards, the electric atmosphere! The city transforms into a stage set for style, lights, camera and action!

The beauty of Paris fashion week, is that you don’t have to attend the shows or work in fashion to be part of it. Take a café at Café de Flore and you have a front row seat to amazing street style. Walk down Rue Saint Honoré and a defilé of photographers and style starlets are on continuous show.

This fashion week, I wanted to capture just this – the atmosphere that surrounds Paris during fashion week. With a slight twist in point of view: taking it from the perspective of some of the exceptional Parisian people and places that shine during Paris fashion week. 

In this spirit, I am very excited to present to you (in collaboration with the lovely Kate from Nettement Chic) a series of short videos uncovering stories and views of Parisian chic & fashion week, told by extraordinary Parisians in extraordinary Parisian places.

A week of chic…starts here tomorrow!

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