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 All Wrapped Up 


On this month’s coffee table: cultivating a sense for festive details with small treasures & inspirations to accompany your café pause. Grab a coffee and read on…


      ‘Fly me to the moon‘ with Frank Sinatra, a classic melody sets the soundtrack to this month’s ‘on the coffee table’ feature. Lighting up with Cire Trudons Christmas candle; a gorgeous subtle essence of frankincense, creates a gorgeous ambience. A morning coffee perks things up: this month I am trying an aromatic espresso made from Coutume’s Bob-O-link blend paired with Pierre Marcolini’s 9 ‘Saveurs du Monde’, a combination that takes me to Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and Madagascar in one taste.

Coffee time reading is inspired by Assouline’s style editions as well as images in this month’s Paris Vogue. Nothing tastes more like Christmas than the zesty tang and taste of tangerines! A dash of Dior’s lacquer and a spray of Frederic Maille’s perfume are a traditional treat.

Just in time for Christmas, lots of trips to the the newly revamped La Grande Epicerie (foodie treasure trove) at Le Bon Marché to stock up. Almost wrapped up, but not complete without a sheet of hand made paper from Melodies Graphiques.

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How about you, are you all wrapped up for Christmas?



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