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Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

It was one of those warm indian summer mornings in September. A balmy breeze was blowing and the autumn leaves were falling. It was the perfect morning for a bike ride along the banks of the river Seine. Starting from Pont des Invalides, taking in the sites: Le Louvre, La Musée d’Orsay, Pont Neuf, finally stopping by Pont Louis-Philippe and the beautiful classical French restaurant ‘Chez Julien’.


Businesses & boutiques were opening at a Parisian pace, so I took a café close-by in an old charming little café, Caféotheque. Shortly after, perked up on a Colombian blend, I made my way on to Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, also known among les Parisiens as `Rue du Papier` (Paper Lane). The doors of the boutique, ‘Melodies Graphiques’ had just opened and the owner Eric de Tugny was sipping a café and meeting with a supplier.

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If, like me, you are a paper passionate, you will completely fall in love with Melodies Graphiques. There is something elegantly old fashioned and magical about it. It houses an old worldly charm that you rarely see these days and one could easily spend a morning here just browsing.


The boutique has proudly existed for over twenty years and is a store ‘for people who love writing’ Eric tells me. Everything is dedicated to the art of writing: shelves stacked high to the ceiling are filled with the most beautiful paper, stationery and printed marbelised paper from Italy. The owner, a calligrapher himself, works with selected suppliers to create unique Parisian-style cards and stationery that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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You will also find beautiful hand-made notebooks from the Florentine atelier ‘Il Papiro’, print wrapping paper also from an Italian atelier that resembles works of art and boxes of these beautiful cards, where each individual card has a unique flower.


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Behind Eric’s desk, a wall full of handwritten notes and thank you letters sent by friends and clients from all over the world. Eric is also commissioned to do calligraphy for events and weddings. He kindly agreed to demonstrate a little ‘Melodie Graphique’ on one of the cards I bought so I could share it here with you.

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As well as being a paper filled paradise, the atelier is filled with feather calligraphy pens, inks, the cutest paper clips, bookmarks, writing paper and more. It’s also the perfect spot for indulging in gifts or beautiful writing paper to write a hand written letter to someone special. Across the road, you will find ‘Paper +’ another more modern take on the Parisian paper boutique.

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However, there is something really special about Melodies Graphiques and this area of Paris. It’s exactly how one imagines Paris to be, truly romantic, iconic and simply magical. Armed with all my supplies of paper, I left longing to return and wondering how I was going to manage to get everything home by bike.

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  2. I am helping a friend plan a trip to Paris and finding this shop was one of my favorite moments. I thought oh to be back there for an hour. I love paper and pens!

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  4. Hello! I would love to show you my collection of greeting cards, made in Seattle, WA, USA. Perhaps they would be a great fit for your beautiful store? I’m in love with your store!

    Thank you,
    Angela Driscoll, Creative Director
    Driscoll Design

  5. It has been 15 years since I was in Paris but I had this done at a stationery store I thought on the Rue de Bac. They had antique dyes- individual letters – and could put two together to create initials on their stationary. I had this done for a friend on some cards. Was this your shop? I’m wanting to do more. Thank you so much for your help.

    If you could send me email address I will send picture of beautiful letters I’m searching for.

    Betty Wagner
    Charlotte, NC

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