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Allow me to introduce you to the inspiring and passionate lady Moraima Gaetmank who first introduced me to Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis (an exercise also known as ‘yoga for dancers’). Moraima has just designed and opened a beautiful new health and fitness studio, Studio Kinétique, in the heart of Paris. Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis is a unique exercise that uses elements of dance and yoga to offer a totally original work out based on natural circular and spiral movements. It’s one of the most wonderful, effective work-outs that I have ever experienced.


Studio K is tucked away in an old Parisian loft style building on Rue du Sentier in the 2nd arrondissement. From the moment you walk in a beautiful light fills the studio. Large expansive windows give an incredible sense of space and a wonderful view of the iconic Parisian rooftops. Artwork by the French artist Mathieu Mercier casts warm blue skies across the rich parquet floors. Vintage lamps by Castiglion create soft hues and in the changing room you will find a small wooden credenza by Raymond Loewry holding inspiring coffee table books.


Along with the unique style the personal touches go a long way. Tisanes are offered before and after your work out and served on small wooden vintage tables. There are no ‘tictocs’ to dictate time here, an hourglass discreetly tracks time allowing you to find a real moment of quiet and to focus on working out.




The level of personal attention here comes with no surprise. Moraima is a skilled and sensitive instructor. She brings a wealth of professional knowledge, dynamic techniques from New York and a contagious energy  to both the  studio and her classes. Individual needs are taken with the utmost care and classes and séances are tailored to each individual.

Chatting over tea, Moraima explains the philosophy behind the studio: ‘it’s very much a multidisciplinary approach to healthy living and physical fitness here’. ‘We have an incredible team, all specialists in their own field and the focus is on healthy living from the outside in’.


The studio offers one to one classes in gyrotonic and pilates using the machines, and  mat classes in gyrokinesis & pilates in small groups (max 3). Maintaining a private atmosphere and keeping classes to one-to-one or small group sessions is also part of the philosophy. ‘ I want  clients to get the best from their classes and to learn the techniques correctly, Moraima passionately tells me. In addition to the classes, the studio also offers Shiatsu massage, Anma-Ampuku massage and a Naturopath for a guidance on diet and nutrition. Classes can be thought, in English, French, Spanish, Danish and German


I also had the pleasure to meet with Vanessa and to try a pilates class. Vanessa is a specialist pilates instructor and a former ballerina (with the body and moves to prove it). She has a wonderful knowledge and skill set and takes the time to introduce me to the basic principles of pilates, explaining the techniques, emphasising posture and teaching how to move with ease and grace through the exercises. Vanessa really takes the time to understand my needs and tailor my session to my goals and is a joy to work with.




Upstairs you will find the most inviting tranquil space that has been especially designed for massages. The perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a good session or a busy week. After my pilates class with Vanessa, I had the pleasure of trying (for the first time) the traditional Japanese massage, Shiatsu with Agnès. The combination of the pilates class followed by the Shiatsu massage was truly a wonderful experience.


From the moment you enter the studio there is a relaxed but extremely focused energy that makes you feel really welcome and glad you came. This is what makes studio K special. For Parisians and visitors to Paris, Studio K is the perfect respite for finding a moment of quiet, classes that leave you feeling amazing and massages to ignite the inner sparkle. A place you leave feeling formidably on form.

Studio Kinétique, 15 Rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris. 



  1. I have the highest respect for people who have a great vision & the courage to make it happen. Congratulations Moraima & thank you TresorParisien for a great article. J

  2. Congratulations, Moraima! You found your passion! You look exceedingly happy and I sincerely miss our meaningful conversations.

  3. Oh What a wonderful studio, amazing light,one can feel the energy immediately. I need to visit for a few weeks and get to enjoy exercise in such a beautiful ambience ……..well done with such a find

  4. Way to go Moraima! The studio is beautiful & I am confident it will be a huge success for both you and your clients. Way to follow your dreams! Best wishes.

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