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 Café de Flore, St Germain, Paris


‘Un Pot De Café SVP Monsieur’


Over a coffee at Café De Flore in St Germain this week, I caught up with the lovely Parisienne blogueuse Camille Benaroche. Camille shares with us her thoughts on left bank style, her favourite St Germain addresses, some of her French pharmacy fancies and her new designer crush from Paris Fashion week!

Bonjour Camille, lovely to see you. So tell me, what do you love about living in St Germain?

St Germain is my favourite area of Paris, I love the atmosphere here, it’s so vibrant and steeped in so much history! There is always a gorgeous café to meet a friend, a museum or art gallery to discover, and many great restaurants to try. And of course all the wonderful boutiques! You know, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

Your favourite left bank places? 

This café (Café de Flore) is my favorite place to go for a morning coffee or a drink in the evening. I love going for lunch at Brasserie Lipp where you can find traditional French dishes. For pâtisserie, my favourite is the bakery “Gérard Mulot” on Rue de Seine. On a Sunday afternoon I love to walk around the back streets and stop by place de Furstenburg, which holds a special place in my heart. I dream of having an apartment here one day!

How would you describe the style of a typical St Germain girl?  

It’s all about the best quality basics you can find. Good fitting jeans, a trench, a white shirt, always in high quality fabrics. Hair is slightly (fake) messy with light or barely no make up. Just good cover and protection products and of course the little Chanel bag!



 Place de Furstenburg, St Germain, Paris


Where do you look for style inspiration? 

Here in St Germain you can just take a café and be inspired by  people walking by. Generally speaking I am inspired by the people around me, my friends and my family. I also look to London for style inspiration, I admire Kate Moss’ style.

What is your personal sense of style?

Personally, I am one of those who believe that details and accessories create style. I’m completely crazy about bags, shoes and jewellery. I never go out without my man watch! I also think the chicest girls are those who pick some pieces from a man’s closet.

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Who are the French designers inspiring you? 

Nicolas Guesquière who just left Balenciaga is one of my favorite designers and he inspires me a lot. He has created a real universe and style around his collections. I also love to support young French designers. I have a crush on Julien David after seeing his collection during Paris Fashion week. It was so innovative and seriously stylish.

Your favourite boutiques in St Germain?

My favorite is Allison, Rue de Buci for left bank kind of style.

What are some of your treasured pieces? 

My Maxmara coat, my Chanel bag, and my Balenciaga bags

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Place de la Tour Maubourg


What are your French beauty secrets?

Take care of yourself regularly and put a little foundation on to protect againt the pollution. Laura Mercier products are wonderful for a flawless make-up look. I use the primer, which is great for protection and as a base for your foundation, and the secret concealer is definitely one of my secrets! And the powder for touch ups during the day!

What are your favourite French pharmacy products that you cannot live without ?

I love all the La Roche Posay products they are great for your skin. Avène is a great product for sensitive skin and leaves your skin so soft. I cannot live without their thermal water spray, it’s  like a facial for your face in a can. The gentle facial scrub is great for washing away the city too.


– Thank you Camille for taking time out to share your addresses & tips with us
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