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Autumn Fever


They say spring is the most spectacular month in Paris, but for me Autumn truly triumphs. The leaves are tumbling down and the city is dusted in rustic, golden and ambient colours. The days are warm and you have this wonderful Indian summer with the most beautiful, soft, hazy, pastel light.

The change of season for me comes into real form when I take a stroll to my local market Le Marché Saxe Breteuil. I love to watch the arrival of wild mushrooms and the diverse selection of apples and vegetables that slowly come to stall. They are so gnarly and vibrant in colour and they somehow remind me of a witch’s nose! How great are pumpkins? Not only do they have a look of Hermès about them, they also taste amazing too. And last weekend I discovered carnival squashes (patidou), they are the funkiest of them all!

It’s also the time of year when I love to take out my bike and dust off my old Paris city guides. There is always something new to discover and something old to rediscover in Paris – I love that about this city. One of my favourite guides to Paris is the Louis Vuitton guide.  It gives great descriptions, is quite classical and traditional in it’s style and never lets me down in its recommendations of places to visit.

Each season I love to try new flavours, this month I am trying a Brazilian blend of coffee from Coutume. It’s truly light and golden. My all time favourite chocolaterie in Paris is Jean Paul Hevin and this week I bought a slab of dark ‘caracao’ to try. With the Brazilian coffee this is a marriage made in ‘hevin’. It’s also the season where I dream about cosy cashmere jumpers and wrapping up in my soft old scarves, as well as heading out to the parks and French countryside for long walks. I am also looking forward to all the beautiful style that will embrace the city at the end of this month.

I truly love this time of year in the city… It’s Autumn in Paris: and ‘I got the fever’!




How about you, have you got the Autumn fever yet?




  1. I absolutely agree with you: there’s magic in Europe when autumn arrives. The weather gets a bit colder, leaves turn red and golden, and I can feel this calm vibration that invites to almost endlessly walk or bike around the city (mine, Barcelona). It’s hard to believe that a place can be this charming!
    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. @Soraya

    Oh thank you for your lovely comment. I can only imagine how beautiful Autumn is in Barcelona! I think this time of year is the perfect time for visiting cities as like you say the weather is cooler and so much more inviting! Barcelona is on my list! Have a wonderful Autumn in Barcelona!

  3. That looks heavenly. I adore Autumn, my absolutely favorite time of year. Where I live (SF Bay Area) Fall really doesn’t start till October but I’m wishing it was here now!

    My coffee table is covered in Legos.

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