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 Elegant Panache


There is something about this time of year that draws me to antiques and vintage markets. Last Sunday, I took my first trip of the season to Les Puces (the antique and flea markets) in St Ouen north of the city. There is no place like it in the world. I love the authentic atmosphere and the old worldly charm that makes it so unique. Old jazz cafés are full to the brim with all sorts of funky characters. Antique dealers sit around chatting and antiques boutiques are overflowing with the weird and the wonderful. Its true to say that old traditions are very much alive and well here.

In with the new too. Great new restos are popping up bringing with them a very nouveau style. It’s certainly the place to be on a Sunday. Wandering around after a long lunch, I am always so intrigued and inspired. It’s no surprise that many Parisian designers find this place a great source of inspiration.

As I was exploring Habitat’s and L’eclaireur’s new vintage outposts, I bumped into the designer Ms Min. I first noticed those fantastic glasses, then the bag, then the boots. What great original style: elegant with the right amount of Paris panache. The kind of ideal ensemble for strolling around Les Puces. The top and jeans are her own label, a great ankle boot by Jill Sander, and a chic slouchy shoulder bag with a furry twist. It just hits all the right Autumn notes for me.


  1. Love this look. Great to read your articles as always Aisling…so well written,really capture the ambiance….la couleur locale….hope these articles reach a wide audience.

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