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Dior Impressions


I invite you to follow me on an enchanting path that winds through a beautiful oceanside garden, through beds of dancing flowers in colours of pinks, violets, yellows and lush greens, to discover unique scents through a fragrant itinerary that leads to the sweetest tea and pâtisserie salon. Today I am taking you inside the secret garden of Christian Dior.



Our first pause is oceanside as we stop to take in the views of the Normandy coastline. In the Granville garden this summer a fragrant itinerary has been especially designed. You will find wooden stands located in various points around the garden. Each stand, has an impressionist painting on the top and a description of the inspiration behind the perfume. You flip the lid to experience the scents. At this stop we breath in the notes of Dior’s Granville.


We take a second pause for tea and pâtisseries. A moment to take it all in. To see how Christian Dior’s garden, especially flowers, were a great inspiration and energy to him. Christian Dior wanted his ‘garden dresses to give a women a moment in paradise’.  ‘ He was so passionate about flowers he said once, ‘after women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world’. It’s here in this special garden where  you can start to see the story behind nature and impressionism and how the impressionist sensibility influenced Christian Dior’s haute couture collections, and to realise how nothing happens by chance, to see how the links between art and french haute couture are so sensational.

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‘In Christian Dior’s mind, the rose was the queen of flowers. He honoured it in his perfumes and in his palette of rosy colours, deeming pink to be the colour of happiness’


Our final Dior impression, amongst an infinity of colours and flowers, inspired by the work of Monet. We take in our final scent and make our way filled with wonderful moments. If only we could take all the flowers with us…


‘The following spring, the Tulipe line appeared, marked by the development of the bust and the narrowing of the hips. Little by little, the waist was being freed. Colors were inspired by the pictures of the Impressionists and evoked the fields of flowers dear to Renoir and Van Gogh’.

Christian Dior

–  You can find all practical info on Christian Dior’s secret garden here & the current expo ‘Dior Impressions’ here.  All quotes above are  from the book, ‘Dior Impressions’.


  1. There’s a Christian Dior secret garden….!!!!??? You are melting my heart….this is a beautiful post. Where is it and is there an expo too?

  2. I have been there this summer too. Such a beautiful place, and that sea view.. I also made a blog posts of this garden and it’s so interesting to see the differences between the photos. Seems that there are much more flowers in bloom right now 🙂
    And oh, I already commented on your Instagram but once again: I looove your ring!

    • Bonjour Merrit, thank you so much for all your comments. I would love if you would share the link to your post on your visit to this garden. I would love to see it from your perspective. It’s such a special place! Bon weekend xx

    • @chicatanyage Thank you for your kind words. This garden and expo really captured my imagination and introduced me into the wonderful world of Christian Dior’s first haute couture collections…the are exquisite. I highly recommend a visit.

  3. Beautiful. Your last few posts really leave me wanting to get out of Paris and visit the Normandy region when I next visit. Thank you for your lovely post. Sara

    • @Sara I am really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your kind words 🙂 There are lots of great places to explore in Normandy! The beauty of living in Paris is that you can easily get to the coast!

  4. The colours in this hidden little garden are beautiful!What a find! I love the the variety of all the different colours.How did you discover this? I would love to visit this garden sometime! In fact I use DIor make up and mascara all the time,I think it’s the best!

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